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Why do I love the moon? Why does anyone love the moon?

For many, the moon plays an important role in their spiritual wellbeing, for others they simply admire the moon for its mystique and charm.

For me, it stemmed from my love of Sailor Moon. I still look up at the sky trying to find the moon every night, hoping it will give me some indication that I indeed am the “princess of the moon” destined to be teleported up there along with hubby, my “small lady” Immi & fluff baby Potato to live happily for all eternity… but I digress.

In all seriousness, I constantly find myself in awe of the moon and its indescribable beauty. Gazing up at it gives me a sense of meaning and fulfilment in life, and somehow gives me reassurance that all’s right with the world, and whatever I may be going through, all will be fine in the end.

That is why I’m always in search of moon-related products to use or display, not only for its enchanting elegance, but also as a reminder that I will always be okay, as long as I remember to look up. And this is what this shop is all about.

Whatever your reason is for loving the moon, we hope you will find serenity and joy in shopping at The Moon Shop.



Michelle Chiu

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Fighting wastage by moonlight, saving earth by daylight.

The rise of online shopping is not-so-slowly hurting our planet, especially with the increase in transport emissions and packaging waste. That is why, being an online store ourselves, we aim to do everything we can to try and reduce our impact as well. Here are some steps we are currently taking, and we will continue to make changes in order to help make e-commerce more sustainable.

Carbon Neutral Deliveries

Our main delivery partner, Sendle, is Australia’s first 100% carbon neutral delivery service.

It calculates the amount of carbon generated by the parcels sent via its platform, and funds sustainability projects to offset the emission. Read more about it here.

Our Packaging Boxes Are Not Pretty

When you receive your orders, you’ll find that our packaging boxes are generally not pretty and/or not branded with our own branding.

In an effort to reduce waste, we will always try to re-use packaging materials from parcels we have received as much as possible. We take every care to clean every box prior to re-using. So please don’t be alarmed if your order arrives in a dog food box!

Compostable Satchels

Again thanks to Sendle, all our smaller orders are sent using their compostable satchels. Yay for the worms!

Let’s Put A Label On It

Our mailing labels are made from 100% recycled materials.

I’mma Be Popping That Bubbly

As the majority of our products are fragile, we do, unfortunately, use sh*tloads of bubble wrap to ensure that your order arrives safe and sound.

We’re currently transitioning over to biodegradable bubble wrap, so look out for some green wraps in your next order!

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