Adorable Finds For Every Plant Lover 🌱

Misty Plant Water Spray Mister with Pots and Plants

Lockdowns had us learning new things and diving into new hobbies. One of the most popular ones is planting. It’s given us a sense of bringing the outdoors into our homes, and is also super therapeutic and helpful for our wellbeing.

Being a plant parent is not easy though. You need to take great care of it and the way to start is by choosing the right stuff.

If you’re looking for a perfect gift for a plant lover or simply something for yourself, check out our list of cool and stylish ideas you’ll be sure to love:

#1 Misty Vintage Plant Spray Bottle

Go vintage while keeping your plants healthy!

Misting your houseplants is an effective way to level up humidity in between watering, so you don’t have to water as frequently and can avoid the risk of overwatering which can lead to diseases and pests.

Misty Plant Water Spray Mister

#2 Planters

Looking for stylish yet functional planters?

Give your plants a nice home with our range of pots and planters, ranging from elegant designs to uniquely handcrafted.

#3 Vases

Make someone happy with these funky, fun and classic vases for a bouquet or as gorgeous centerpieces on their own!

#4 Bamboo Plant Stand

Add some flair to your #plantshelfie by elevating your plant babies with these Scandi-style bamboo plant stands!

Bamboo Pot Stands

We have more items in store for everyone, whether your are a plant lover or not.

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