Friendly reminder: don’t forget to breathe 🧘

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Hi, I’m Michelle, founder of The Moon Shop 🙋‍♀️

I’m no stranger to stress, anxiety and just feeling down in general. So aside from bringing you beautiful moon-related products, I also want to share any tips, quotes and reminders I find useful to hopefully bring a little bit of light to your day 😊 you guys are my biggest motivation to start and run my dream shop, so I want to give back to you as much as I can! 💖

Here’s a relaxation technique that I’ve been finding quite useful – it can be performed whenever you feel stressed or anxious, or simply as a daily exercise to stay relaxed 😌

☁️ Open your imagination and focus on your breathing.
☁️ As your breathing becomes calm and regular, imagine that the air comes to you as a cloud. It can be any colour you want it to be.
☁️ It fills you as you inhale, then as you exhale you breathe the cloud back out.

Keep breathing, moon lovers 🌙 And if you have any helpful bits to share, comment below to let us know 🙌


(Credit: Black Dog Institute)

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